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About Us

When The Victor L. Phillips Company opened its doors in 1911, improvements to construction technology were moving fast. Started as a used construction equipment sales company, its founders, Victor L. Phillips and W.C. Jones, quickly discovered that innovation would be the key to their success. Initially, the company sold equipment like used concrete mixers and tip-over, horse-drawn concrete carts. But there was high demand for new, more advanced equipment, so the pair added new products to their inventory, including an asphalt kettle that Phillips designed and built himself. This willingness to get his “hands dirty” and fulfill the needs of his customers put The Victor L. Phillips Company on the map as the Midwest’s premier construction equipment dealer.

Celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2011, the still independently-owned heavy equipment company boasts six locations and over 100 employees in Kansas and Missouri and continues to deal in new and used construction equipment and machinery. While technology has certainly changed over the last century, the company’s foundation has not. Jim Foreman, the company’s owner from 1978 to 2017, had a hands-on approach to common-sense customer satisfaction. Continuing this legacy, Jim’s son Robert “Bob” Foreman, is committed to bringing a renewed approach to customer care.

Proud of its heritage as a reliable, fair-dealing company, the staff at The Victor L Phillips Company works to bring value to each customer contact through premium products, competitive pricing, and optimum service. Within each department, each employee seeks to carry out our core company values with our core focus in mind while offering responsive, efficient service and building long-lasting customer relationships along the way.